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Xerox Green World Alliance

Xerox is committed to responsible and environmental business practices. Our industry-leading recycling programs have kept thousands of used cartridges and toner bottles out of landfills. Thank you for choosing to recycle your Xerox product.

Supplies Return & Recycling Program

The Xerox Green World Alliance is a worldwide initiative to encourage customers to recycle or dispose of supplies in a manner that minimizes impact to the environment. In 2004, our supplies return initiatives prevented more than 13.8 million pounds of waste from entering landfills worldwide. Xerox has strengthened the Green World Alliance program. We have upgraded our web site making it possible for customers to download prepaid return labels directly from the site rather than requesting them by phone or e-mail. And in 2004, Xerox has expanded the Green World Alliance supplies recycling program in 14 countries in Europe by providing a web page to accommodate the needs of customers.

Waste Toner (Dry Ink)

The Xerox Waste Toner Return Program has facilitated the return of over 13 million pounds of waste toner to Xerox since the program’s inception in 1998 — over 2 million pounds in 2004 alone. The plastic bottles customers used to return waste toner to Xerox – more than 100,000 in number – were recycled. Xerox is also investigating methods for remanufacturing color waste toner.

Copier and Printer Cartridges

Customers worldwide returned nearly 3.2 million cartridges to Xerox in 2004 for reuse and recycling. Cartridge returns are made easy with prepaid postage labels and the use of packaging from new copy/print cartridges. Returned products are cleaned, inspected, and then remanufactured or recycled. Remanufactured cartridges, containing an average of 90 percent reused/recycled parts, are built and tested to the same performance specifications as new products.

Look for the Green World Alliance logo on the packaging of Xerox cartridges designed for return and reuse or recycling.

Toner Containers

Xerox has changed our strategy for managing plastic toner bottles. In the past, a pre-paid return label was included with the new bottles to allow customers to return spent bottles to Xerox for recycling. We have found that the cost of the return is high and brings little in the way of environmental benefit. We therefore have shifted from a return and reuse/recycle approach to one that encourages local recycling and/or disposal by our customers. If local recycling is not available, bottles can still be returned to Xerox by requesting a pre-paid return label from our Green World Alliance web site at